Drinking Station with Style!

Style by Lynnette from HIS + HERS Desserts Table

First post for me here at HIS + HERS Desserts Table and if you are planning a stylish party that will impress your guest, a real simple Drinking Station is a MUST!!!

It is simple and it gives a warm welcome feeling to your guest who took time out to attend your party!!!

I reckon this is the first important step to indirectly thank your guest for showing up and also showing great courtesy with great style!

So, how are we rocking up this party with this real simple quenching thirst station?

First – A Sign!!! 


Here we have a simple blackboard message so guest will know what to do!!

Second – Drinking Dispenser!


At HIS + HERS Desserts Table, we offer the four-liter drinking dispenser, filled with the drinks of your choice!

Third – Drinking Glass and Drinking Straws!



240 ml / 437 ml Ball Mason Drinking Jar + Copper Wired Lid is the highlight at HIS + HERS Desserts Table!

This add that real special glam to your party, together with stainless steel straws for environmental friendly option that comes in style!!

In addition, we offer this beautiful and unique Copper Mason Jar Carrier to hold onto the drinking jars that would definitely bring some “Ooos” and “Wows” to your party!!!



We also provide 140 ml Mini Glass Milk Drinking Bottle that goes so well in the Soft Drinks Crate to add a little flavour to your celebration!

Not forgetting some Paper Straws of your colour choice for some great taste of the drink!!!

As for Parties for Children, paper cups or BPA Free Plastic Cups is what I recommend!!

Fourth – Identification!


I always find myself having trouble figuring which is my glass or cup half way through a party!! Here is a simple and inexpensive way to get your drinking device identified!!!

All you got to do now is choose your favourite tag and drink up!!!


So here you have it !!

I do hope you love how I rock up a stylish Drinking Station!!

All equipment and utensils are available for hire!

Call us or send us an e-mail to discuss what is your favourite drink and I’ll be on the way to stir up some yummy quench thirsty recipes!!


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