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26 March, 2017 Sunday

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Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well and surround yourself with things that you enjoy the most and people you love! Today, I hope to share something a little personal with you and a new service that we will love to add on at His and Hers Dessert Table.

Inspired by my little one, and it has been months, I could not decide how and what I should style to do Aiden’s 1st Birthday Cake Smash and with collaboration from Jerry (husband) and An (AJCo Photography) as well as Lauren  (Enchanted Years) we create what some magic!

With great help from Lauren, Enchanted Years we managed to get a Children’s Teepee Tent and Horse Rocking Chair to have the magic happen! So, we thank you so much!

I really love Enchanted Years! It is such a great toy shop that offers really good quality children’s toy! I could not help it to get the red piano for Aiden when he was just six months and I would play and sing songs together with the little music book that comes together with it! The Little Red Flag just really add that little celebration feel to the teepee tent!

With the cool weather approaching real soon in Melbourne, we were very lucky to have a very beautiful day and just a little picnic basket with a cake is all the children will need to have an awesome celebration with friends both fluffy and friends from our mother’s group!

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I would like to thank all family from my mother’s group to join in this activity and make it a very successful experience! Here are some of Aiden’s amazing friends that he is so lucky to have and grow up with!

I hope you enjoy what we have put together for our Cake Smash Series!

If you are planning to do something really special for your little one’s birthday, do not hesitate to send us your enquiries! We will be happy to discuss your perfect soiree with delicious cakes and memorable photos for future and brings back laughter and smiles when you look back at them!

Styling and Cakes: His and Hers Desserts Table 

Photography: AJCo Photography 

Teepee Hent, Horse Rocking Chair sponsored by Enchanted Years



Chiffon Cake Range

Basic Range of Chiffon Cake
Chiffon Cake Range

Chiffon Cake, one of the very basic and inexpensive afternoon tea or snack that every family love!!

Customised Flavours are Available Upon Request
Customised Flavours are Available Upon Request

This is a very simple, light and super fluffy straight forward afternoon tea indulgences that is absolutely great with hot chocolate, tea or coffee.

Baked upon request
Baked upon request

I remember as a kid, I love to dip it into my hot milo and because it is so light and fluffy, it often breaks off into my drink and soak up all the yummy hot chocolate!!

It seems a very humble cake but to master its super light and fluffy texture was a challenge! However, with very much unfailing trail and error, I have finally satisfy with the result and proud to present you my Chiffon Cake Range!

Chocolate Chiffon Cake
Chocolate Chiffon Cake
Lime Chiffon Cake
Lime Chiffon Cake
Orange Chiffon Cake
Orange Chiffon Cake
Lemon Chiffon Cake
Lemon Chiffon Cake
Pandan Chiffon Cake
Pandan Chiffon Cake

There are a few basic flavour which includes Chocolate, Orange, Lemon, Lime and the classic Pandan. All Chiffon Cake order are made to order to ensure maximum freshness and customised flavours and fillings are also available upon request.

Expandable Cake Taker (Lifetime Warranty)
Expandable Cake Taker (Lifetime Warranty)

Best way to keep its freshness is to store it in air-tight containers, three to five days and we do offer a range of Cake Storage Solution, so do remember to check it out!!

This is absolutely a great gift while visiting friends, afternoon tea party or just a weekend treat for you and your family that will be loved by everybody!!!

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!!!

Chocolate Chiffon Cake
Chocolate Chiffon Cake

At the Future Bride Melbourne Wedding Expo

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Hello my beautiful dessert lovers!!! I am so excited to share this with you all!! We attended our first ever Wedding Expo by Future Bride Melbourne on 14 June 2015, Sunday at Taylors Lake Hotel. It was such a good day where I met so many Future Brides who tasted some dessert and not forgetting meeting other wonderful and friendly exhibitors too!!

Today, I have prepared a few kind of dessert and table setting to give you an idea how you can sparks up your dessert at your wedding or your celebration!

I feel that wedding cake often tend to be forgotten at the end of an event!! Probably that is why, I love the idea of having a dessert table! I love how beautifully it is decorated and the variety of dessert choices we can offer.  Everyone will be anticipating it, making room in their appetite just to taste that sweet dessert to end the day!!

At HIS + HERS Desserts Table, we offer a wide range of options in the following category


We offer wedding cakes and celebration cakes too!

Our visitor at the expo today get to try some of our signature desserts!

The following is our Menu for the day!




Orange Flourless (Gluten Free)

Chocolate Indulgence Brownie


Hazelnut flavour with



Popcorn Caramel


Every wedding and celebration is different! We will collect some information from you that way we can start plan a dessert menu that suits your budget and your need!!

I love the idea of desserts table, besides looking totally awesome, there are varieties of desserts option available, all pre-cut and nicely decorated! Every piece is made with special care and love! Most importantly, it offers guests with special dietary requirement needs. Dessert table is a great choice to suit everyone at any age!! 

 I hope you did enjoy our small presentation and did try out some of our cakes!!

Throw us a sketch and leave the planning and execution to us!! Contact us today for a quick chat and I hope we’ll be a part of your special day!!!


Contact: +61 426 297 759

Romantique Inspired Wedding





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I am super delighted to tell you that  we are so excited to be feature in The Wedding Playbook!!

It is a free wedding digital magazine which you can download and get super inspired by all the creative designers to celebrate your special day!!!

You can find us on Page 48 – 57, Volume 6 of the digital magazine!


Today’s menu is a simple Petit Gateau, Verrine and Dessert in Jar!

Mini Verrine is such a great dessert to have! There are many shape to choose from and the best part there are many types of choices!! Here we have a White Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry Jelly and Chocolate Flourless Sponge! A dessert that has loads of exciting elements, not only taste good but gives a sophisticated look to the whole event!

Chocolate and Orange Madeleine and Orange Blossom Madeleine! The nature seashell look of the dessert adds a cute touch to your dessert plate that will please any guest at your party!

Dessert in Jar is a Stone Fruit Trifle with Vanilla Diplomat Creme, Vanilla Sponge and a range of peaches and nectarine infused with Muscot, honey and vanilla!  It is a light and tasty dessert for your guest to end the day or perhaps a Thank You Gift for your guests!!

Dessert Table are a great option to have for those who needs extra attention to food allergies!! A great way to have desserts options for your guests and adds a little extra of excitement too!!

Please do visit and download the Free Magazine and I do hope you are getting inspired and having another wonderful idea to plan your wedding.

Once again, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of this day with these amazing artist and I hope we’ll be a part of your wedding day too!!

Styling by Ruffles & Bells – Event Styling and Planning
Photography by Adrian Tuazon Photography
Cakes by Sweet Bakes
Desserts by HIS + HERS Desserts Table
Florals by Poppy Culture
Model @laurahensh

Dessert Table for Picnic by the Beach

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Art of Entertainment
Cupcakes and Cakes made easy to travel with BOXD
Mason Ball Glass Jar with Copper Lid and Copper Drink Carrier from Rainy_Sunday
Fruit Salad in Mason Ball Glass Jar
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Custom Design Cake: Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Filling
Custom Design Cupcakes with flavour of your choice
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Refreshing Lemonade & Chocolate Orange Madeleine
Dessert with Custom Style
Orange Chiffon Cake
Drink Station a Must in any event
Stainless Steel Straw for Eco-friendly in Style
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Fruit Salad in Jar
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Refreshing H2o with Lemon and Mixed Berries
The Art of Sharing Joy
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Sharing is Caring
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Styled by His + Hers Desserts Table

I love my job as a pastry chef and I adore photography with style!

So, with the coming 2015, I have planned a series of styled Dessert Look Book to give you an idea what His + Hers Desserts Table is all about!!

January is a month of shine sun in Melbourne and the beach is the first place that most of us would head down to unwind and gather!

If you are planning a gathering, birthday celebration or even an engagement, do not forget to have some sweet dessert and we can definitely do that!!

A sunny day like that calls for some H2o to keep your guests hydrated!

A drinking station is a must at any event & treat your guest with some Homemade Refreshing Yummy Lemonade!!!









We do offer a range of other products and flavours that caters to your occasion and guests, so throw us a sketch and leave the planning and execution to our team of experienced event stylers.

At His+Hers Desserts Table, we appreciate the art of entertaining.

If you are looking for an affordable photographer to capture the precious moments in your celebration, AJCoPhotogrpahy is our sister company, do check out their amazing work!!

Hope you’ll enjoy this series of inspiring Dessert Table for Picnic by the Beach!!

For any enquiries: / 042 629 7759

Special Thanks to the Amazing Crew!!

Photograph: AJCoPhotography

Models & MUA:

Esther Herft – Model/Actor/Extra

Hannah Venables MUA

Caelee Webb – Miss Teen Docklands Galaxy 2015 

Drinking Station with Style!

Style by Lynnette from HIS + HERS Desserts Table

First post for me here at HIS + HERS Desserts Table and if you are planning a stylish party that will impress your guest, a real simple Drinking Station is a MUST!!!

It is simple and it gives a warm welcome feeling to your guest who took time out to attend your party!!!

I reckon this is the first important step to indirectly thank your guest for showing up and also showing great courtesy with great style!

So, how are we rocking up this party with this real simple quenching thirst station?

First – A Sign!!! 


Here we have a simple blackboard message so guest will know what to do!!

Second – Drinking Dispenser!


At HIS + HERS Desserts Table, we offer the four-liter drinking dispenser, filled with the drinks of your choice!

Third – Drinking Glass and Drinking Straws!



240 ml / 437 ml Ball Mason Drinking Jar + Copper Wired Lid is the highlight at HIS + HERS Desserts Table!

This add that real special glam to your party, together with stainless steel straws for environmental friendly option that comes in style!!

In addition, we offer this beautiful and unique Copper Mason Jar Carrier to hold onto the drinking jars that would definitely bring some “Ooos” and “Wows” to your party!!!



We also provide 140 ml Mini Glass Milk Drinking Bottle that goes so well in the Soft Drinks Crate to add a little flavour to your celebration!

Not forgetting some Paper Straws of your colour choice for some great taste of the drink!!!

As for Parties for Children, paper cups or BPA Free Plastic Cups is what I recommend!!

Fourth – Identification!


I always find myself having trouble figuring which is my glass or cup half way through a party!! Here is a simple and inexpensive way to get your drinking device identified!!!

All you got to do now is choose your favourite tag and drink up!!!


So here you have it !!

I do hope you love how I rock up a stylish Drinking Station!!

All equipment and utensils are available for hire!

Call us or send us an e-mail to discuss what is your favourite drink and I’ll be on the way to stir up some yummy quench thirsty recipes!!